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    Intro to Paint with Lovejoy

    Thank you for your support - How to utilize Paint with Lovejoy website and become a confident painter

    Welcome to Paint with Lovejoy
    this online painting school is structured to help YOU take your artwork from nonexistent to exceptional.

    Created specifically for:
    First-Time and Beginner Painters.

    When my students achieved the success that they never expected within my classes, I was inspired to create a platform where anyone in the world can explore their creativity and experience the same levels of success with painting

    At Paint with Lovejoy, you will embark on your creative journey and unlock your true painting potential. With my easy-to-follow courses, designed specifically for first-time and beginner painters, you'll be able to impress yourself with what you paint while gaining confidence in your newfound skills. In no time at all, you’ll realize the calming effects a creative outlet has on your life

    Thank you for joining us here at Paint with Lovejoy – I can’t wait for you to see just how fun painting at home can be

    What You Can Expect from the Courses here :

    • Painting supply recommendations
    • Learn about Acrylic or Watercolor painting
    • Support from Lovejoy & her team
    • Easy-to-follow logical painting tutorials (perfect for first-time & beginners)
    • How to be kind to yourself as you learn a new skill
    • Mindfulness and being in the moment while you create
    • Learn foundational painting skills you can use in the future
    • Impress yourself with what you paint
    • Gain confidence in your new painting skills
    • Realize the relaxing benefits of painting

    Levels of Paint with Lovejoy Learning
    To transform you from a scared creative into a confident painter
    You can find these on the website menu

    FTP - First-time painter = Never painted before
    BP - Beginner painter = Little bit of painting experience
    PYP - Paint your pet = Beginner painters & Pet lovers

    CAMPS = More intense learning - weekly assignments and feedback
    CLUBS = New tutorial every 2 weeks

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    PYP - Freebie #3 = How to Take a Great Pet Photo

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    The Benefits of Painting, Personal Expression, and Creativity.

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