Supplies Needed to paint your pet

Basic Supplies for Paint YOUR Pet

*Downloadable PDF for links or click here

1-Painting Surface = 8x10 or 11x14 inch canvas (flat panel or stretched)

2-Brushes = 2 flat brushes and 1 pointy

3-Graphite pencil = to transfer the image of your pet

*if you purchase a kit from Amazon, you will follow the graphite transfer, unless you purchase carbon paper​

4- Acrylic Paint = as needed based on your pets' fur (see below)

  • Fur Color (see chart below for realistic color recommendations)
  • Eye Color
  • The background color of your choice
  • Pink nose or tongue showing? you will need red

Optional items = Easel, apron, other brushes, etc...see kit as needed

Lovejoy Recommended Amazon Kit

* I like the amount of paint and quality of the brushes​

**other supply recommendations in the PDF link

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