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(please email paintwithlovejoy@gmail with final project photos)

Beginner Painter Library ANIMALS / NATURE / HUMANS

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  • BONUS: Access to the First-time painter library
  • Scroll down and check out the course curriculum for the titles in the library
  • Great value for the tracables: Each traceable retails for $3 each
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  • 100+ painting options to choose from (You can paint them all)
  • New videos added regularly
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Perfect for Beginner painters of ANY age!
(great projects to add to a lesson or activity)

This Library includes:

  • Basic and affordable supplies needed (links to buy)
  • How to set up your space at home
  • Mindset for beginning a new skill
  • How to transfer an outline to a painting surface
  • 100+ painting options specific for first-time painters
  • Recommended to paint 1-2 paintings each week

  • SUPPORT: from Lovejoy via private slack group (written/photo & video)
  • BONUS: Libary: First-Time Painter ($10 value)

100+ paintings to try!

here are a few:

Your Instructor

Lovejoy - Self paced courses
Lovejoy - Self paced courses

Lovejoy has taught first-time & beginner painters exclusively for the last 15 years, her "Paint Your Pet" class was the first in San Diego in 2013, and with the endorsement of the San Diego Humane Society & other local non-profit rescue groups the class became an instant hit! Her local students have helped the class grow by coming back and bringing friends. She has helped self proclaimed un-creative people find a joy in painting and see the world from a new perspective. It is from her students enthusiasm and support that Lovejoy pushed to develop this as an online course.

Lovejoy graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design in 2003. Her goal when leaving Savannah was to earn a living as an artist and to be creative and active every day. She then spent the next seven years developing her style with the palette knife and bold use of color in Sedona, AZ. “I usually don't know what my final art piece will look like when I start, only the subject and basic composition. Finding most of my creative flow within the wildlife genre, I developed a way to sculpt with paint, layer by layer. Creating a beautiful play of lights and shadows, full of unexpected colors side by side. It’s a dance, a push and pull until the form becomes whole. I find so much peace when I’m creating,” - Lovejoy.
See Lovejoy's professional portfolio here

Course Curriculum

Courses Included with Purchase

LIBRARY: How to get started Painting!
A simple guide to the cheaper and basic things you need to know to start painting at home.
Lovejoy - Self paced courses
LIBRARY: First-Time Painters (great for teachers)
(100+ Tutorials) Access to Full Library of videos & traceable (monthly/yearly subscription)
Lovejoy - Self paced courses

Original Price: $20

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Access start and finish?
Access starts now and ends when you cancel your subscription. You decide when you start and when you finish. Cancel your subscription when you are finished or ready to move on to the next library. If you have classes for months, sign up for the months you need it
How long do I have access to the course?
This is a monthly or Yearly Subscription. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel, you will finish the month or year and your card will not be charged for the next cycle
Are refunds available if I don't like the course?
Sales on all digital products/courses are non-refundable. We will try to resolve any issue. email [email protected], Please include your name and email used when registering.
Can I paint with my kids? Can I use this in my classroom?
Yes! please paint with your kids. or use this in your classroom Use these videos to add to lessons or for quality time together. Its ok if you only need the library for 2-3 months, Subscribe for the timeframe you need
Are Supplies expensive?
Feel free to click the link for supplies, The first kit I recommend is under $20 on Amazon. There are options for a variety of budgets, stay in your budget and use what you have. You can follow many of my videos and use: crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, markers. Tip: you can get away with cheap brushes and canvases, but quality paint is worth it.

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