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(please email paintwithlovejoy@gmail with final project photos)

First-Time Painter Library

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Perfect for First-time painters of ANY age!
(great family activity or use in your classroom)

This Library Includes:

  • Basic and affordable supplies needed (links to buy)
  • How to set up your space at home
  • Mindset for beginning a new skill
  • Traceable for the videos that have one
  • How to transfer a traceable to a painting surface
  • 100+ organized painting options specific for first-time painters
  • Recommended to paint 1-2 paintings each week
    *ready for the next level check out = Beginner painter library
  • SUPPORT: from Lovejoy via private slack group (written/photo & video)
  • BONUS: Libary: basic info for painting at home ($10 value)

100+ paintings to try!

here are a few:

Your Instructor

Lovejoy - Paint Your Pet
Lovejoy - Paint Your Pet

Lovejoy, the creative force behind the original Paint Your Pet workshop in San Diego, has devoted over a decade of her life to teaching others the joy of painting. With a passion for art and a love for pets, Lovejoy has been at the forefront of this unique artistic endeavor, helping beginners and first-timers discover their hidden talents and learn to create something truly personal and meaningful.

Over the past 12 years, Lovejoy has witnessed countless transformations as her students, many of whom start off feeling nervous and unsure about their abilities, progress through her workshop, and are truly surprised by what they created. There is nothing more rewarding to her than seeing the pride and joy on her students' faces as they hold up their finished pieces, having created something they never thought possible.

Lovejoy's teaching approach, meticulously honed and refined over the years, provides a logical and easy-to-follow process that breaks down the basics of painting into manageable steps. This method ensures that by the end of the workshop, each student has not only learned the fundamentals of painting but also created a beautiful piece of art.

Understanding the need to adapt and evolve, Lovejoy has expanded the Paint Your Pet workshop to an online platform. This has allowed her to reach a global audience, spreading the joy of painting and pet love across continents.

What truly sets Lovejoy apart is her unique teaching style. She believes in creating a nurturing and supportive environment where students are encouraged to trust their instincts and embrace their creativity. Her mantra is simple: there is no right or wrong in art, only expression and growth.

With Lovejoy, painting becomes more than just a hobby; it becomes a journey of self-discovery and an adventure in creativity. Whether you're a seasoned artist or someone who's never held a paintbrush, Lovejoy's Paint Your Pet workshop promises an experience you'll cherish forever. Take a look at the photos and see the proud pets and the smiles on the student's faces!

Paint your pet classes:
Student input = (Yelp reviews) (Google reviews)
In-person Workshops: San Diego, CA & Sedona, AZ
Online Workshop: 4-week camp & Self-paced

Course Curriculum

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Are Supplies expensive?
Feel free to click the link for supplies, The first kit I recommend is under $20 on Amazon. There are options for a variety of budgets, stay in your budget and use what you have. You can follow many of my videos and use: crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, markers. Tip: you can get away with cheap brushes and canvases, but quality paint is worth it.

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