SUPPLIES = for FTP Bootcamp (Purchase as needed)

Supplies for the First-Time Painter Bootcamp:

I understand that the art store can be exciting and overwhelming with the abundance of color choices, so I'm going to break down the basics of what you will need and why. Stay within your budget, please do not feel like you need to buy the most expensive supplies to be good at painting. If you have supplies already, use what you have, double-check that you have good, slow-drying paint, see details below. As you enjoy painting and the more you get into your painting journey then start trying other or more expensive supplies.

With that being said, for a good first-time painting experience, you can get away with cheap brushes and canvases, but you will want to spend a bit more money on quality student-grade acrylic paint. For blending and coverage, you need to use paint that has a 20 min dry time.

Where to purchase supplies: Amazon, Micheals crafts, Local Art store, Walmart, Blicks *Amazon links provided below, affiliate commission is received if you purchase using the link

Supplies for First-time Painter Bootcamp:($40+)

1- Surfaces to paint on ($18-28)

2- Brushes ($5-9 for brush pack)

3- Acrylic paint ($22-60)


You will need 1 surface for each painting you paint. The camp recommends 2 paintings/ week (that’s 8 paintings) You are welcome to paint more, just acquire the amount of surfaces you need (There are 30 options you can paint)

Options: 8x10, 9x12, or 11x14 recommend size

$$ - Stretched Canvas:

$$ - Canvas Panel:

$ - Canvas Pad:

$ - Heavy watercolor paper (140lb): **recommended to use painters tape and tape edges to a board to avoid warping

The above options come in a variety of packs and sizes, Make sure you order at least 8 surfaces for 2 paintings/week


You want “acrylic brushes”

1 large square tip brush (#6 or #4)

1 medium square tip brush (#4 or #2)

1 small pointy (round) brush (#4, #2 or #0)

$ - Brush pack: Easiest option


Acrylic paint:

You want quality, slower drying acrylic paint

(Colors: White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, light brown, dark brown / Optional, Green, Orange, Purple)

Recommended Student grade Brands:

Liquitex basics, Arteza, Blick Studio, (I’m not a fan of “Artist loft” paint (micheals craft brand), but their canvases and brushes are great to use)

$$ - Individual colors - *Buy 1 of each of the recommended colors

Paint sets:

$ - US Art Supply Paint set -

$ - Chroma Paint set -

$$ - Arteza Paint set -

$$ - Liquitex Paint Set - or

Plus - $ - Buy an additional tube of White - You will need it for mixing and will use it on every painting

The more you paint the more you will find the supplies and brands you like.

FYI- Craft Paint Many of my first-time students have the cheaper craft paint (folk art, apple barrel, craft smart, etc..) it’s thin and runny and comes in a huge variety of colors. Please save these paints for craft projects, due to their fast-drying properties you will not be able to blend as easily which can be frustrating. Your progress will go smoother if you can blend with quality student grade acrylics

Again please stay in your budget for supplies. If you already have supplies, great, Use what you have. I would recommend purchasing your supplies sooner rather than later. If you want to wait until you sign up for the Bootcamp, Amazon has fast shipping to get you your supplies after you sign up.

Learn more about the basic supplies for painting - click here (lots of info here, bookmark & reference as needed)

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