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Why refer your community to Paint with Lovejoy? Because of how they will feel after one of Lovejoy's courses. They will feel relaxed, proud of themselves, and inspired. Who doesn't want to feel that?

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Why work with Paint with Lovejoy?

Paint with Lovejoy is a passion project, that has grown beautifully. Lovejoy has been helping people discover their creative outlets for over 15 years. The online options offer access to anyone in the world. This passion project has grown because of the way Lovejoy makes people feel, her teaching style is so approachable and easy. Her students gain a new appreciation and understanding of themselves and what they are capable of.

"Change your perspective, change your world"

Lovejoy is looking to partner with therapists, coaches, educators, & business owners to offer EASY creative painting options for first-time and beginners. Perfect and affordable options to add to YOUR program.

Give your community a creative option to add to their routine in between their appointments to see you.

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